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Best case obviously is if the hockey Gods smiled on us for a change and got us Dahlin.Then we keep the other 2 1-picks for something else and get the gift of the Gods. Don't we deserve our chance for good fortune??? EMon Apr 9 2018 pm ESTI think the only way you get Dahlin is the Rangers 9th overall pick and someone like Hayes.I wouldn’t ask him anything more than 6-7d but aside from being an Islander fan growing up, can’t say I was disappointed in much of anything he did. If (a big friggin IF) Gorton is right and he’s a good 2D, we’ll be a step ahead in this.....whatever this is; But if Gorton is wrong and the kid is a B level prospect...... What would we be comfortable giving up to draft Tkachuk at number 2 or 3?Bob Mon Apr 9 2018 pm ESTI actually think that Tkachuk might actually be doable for the New York Rangers.

So, it’s looking clear to me that all other things to the side he is building a team that is more palatable for me. Obviously you can have a big and mean team that sucks just as well as a superbly talented squad that’s baby poo soft.Btw, even if you were buying the bs about Miller and his attitude, wtf would you make a change without giving him a chance with a new coach??? _Arc Mon Apr 9 2018 pm ESTJust a paranoid Rangers fan, here! But Hypothetically, I don't know enough about this kid, but my gut makes me leary about putting all the eggs in one basket. There is talk that he may be fired at the end of the season(depending how they do in the playoffs) and there has been some speculation that the NYR could be interested. He comes back with Tkachuk Kovalchuk a good tough young supporting cast and one of OEL or Karlsson it starts to look like a serious team, quick.This is not Mc David, or Crosby, or even Ovetchkin. I don't buy it, but it would be hysterical just to see the look on Brooks' face :)Rhet0ric Mon Apr 9 2018 pm ESTMFer you whine with the best of them lol. Gortons got, imo, a pocketful of cash but the stores are all closed. We also don't have a scheduled game for 7 months lol. Gorton Gekko Mon Apr 9 2018 pm ESTHOSPO: Agreed on the AV took to long to be canned thing.Even then it probably wouldn't be enough - that's how good Dahlin is.

Now that offer might get you the 2nd or 3rd overall pick...r F4l Mon Apr 9 2018 pm ESTArc the claim was with jitters it was more him than the coach conflict.

Did it 40 times and the Rangers only moved up 3 times for me. BUT Rangers did move down to pick#9 or #10 about half the time. “I want to give myself the best chance to win the Stanley Cup.” If Tavares hits the open market, almost every other team in the NHL will approach him, though many will be restricted to offer a significant contract due to salary cap restraints.

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