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Ford Hickson, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.In other words, being treated in this way by the very community that should be the most inclusive has a profound effect on bisexuals.

A guy saying that it’s great you’re bisexual, because he’s “always wanted to sleep with two women” makes him sound as if he thinks he’s in a video game and you’re an achievement to be unlocked, and reacting to such a creepy proposal with a “GTFO” is perfectly reasonable.Welcome to, the Free Bisexual Online Dating Site and Chat App to find Bisexual Single Men and Women!Search through our Bisexual Personal Ads to find Bisexual Singles in your area!However, as with any stereotype, there is always room to grow and learn, so when someone chooses to share that part of themselves with you, try not to make snap judgements, and listen to them instead.

You have nothing to lose but your prejudice, and it could be the beginning of something amazing.

For many of them, it may be easier to simply omit the fact that they’re bisexual rather than tackle biphobia.

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