Canadian dating culture

In Bogotá, Medellin and Cali, the usual dress code for business is suit and tie.In general, Colombian business environment is formal, and when addressing a person with a senior position within an organization is a general practice to address him/her as "Señor (last name)", for instance, "Tengo una cita con el Señor Rodriguez", to say, I have an appointment with Mr. Within the business environment, Colombians are punctual, and is seen as disrespectful to the person expecting you to be late to an appointment.Sense of humor is always important, however Canadian and US humor is seen as dumb by many people, so it will be hard to make a Colombian laugh with a North American joke.(informal "you") in the lowlands to demonstrate a refusal to be stand-offish.Use lowland localisms with caution in the highlands.Find out whether coffee is from that district and whether it produces the best coffee. If meeting an indigenous woman, expect smiles and not much talking. Colombians value family a lot so they’re genuinely interested in yours.Don’t ask what the person does for a living unless you know they’re employed.And there’s nothing too wrong with singing in public either.What is not acceptable is to lose patience with others—especially in the workplace, to castigate publicly.

Let your colleagues set the pace if you’re attending a meeting with them.

In fact, it is the absence of emotion, in such situations, which is impressive. The situation needs to be re-considered by the employee.