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It appears to be a golden miniature of a four-winged angel with a red crystal in the center.At the beginning of the game she is seen singing Out of Darkness at an Order of the Sword gathering, occasionally glancing at the empty pew where Nero is supposed to be.Kyrie is not seen again until the last mission where she is being kept deep inside of the core of the Savior in a fleshy prison.Nero comes to her rescue and promptly defeats Sanctus Diabolica.

Afterwards, she goes with Credo as Nero investigates the demon uprising that Dante reportedly caused.She carries a necklace that was given to her by Nero at the beginning of the game as a present during the festival.The love between Kyrie and Nero seems to have started before the events of Devil May Cry 4, but their love is used as a major plot point on several occasions during the game.The madman threatens to kill her if he advances further, but Nero tosses the Yamato to the false prophet to distract him, then slams him into a wall with the Devil Bringer.

With a swift cut from the Yamato, Nero frees Kyrie and impales Sanctus, killing him.

He reaches out to grab her, but is only just able to grasp her necklace instead.