Dating a female geek looks

We’ve got girls that will be dressed up as your favorite fantasy hotties, and girls that have D20 games down pat. There is someone for everyone out there, and who deserves it more than we do? Admit it, as nerds (and bastards 😉 ), we are pretty much the most awesome people on the planet.Get your courage up, and save some money because NO girl likes a guy who can’t afford his own playing cards!

Dating sites are almost lame, but if you like to sit back in your Ace Bayou 51396 x Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair and scope out chicks who potentially have the same ideology as you on paper, then this is for you!The oldest contestant on Arie’s season of women, Bekah is seriously cradle robber territory.Is it realistic to think she is on the show for the “right reasons”?Learn to use your good qualities and overcome your bad ones to get girlfriends by reading the advice below.

Stop creeping Craigslist and use these suggestions to find the nerd love of your life.

Don’t approach her with Lovecraft, it’s not a good strategy.