Dating an only child

It’s easy to spoil an only child; it’s much more affordable.Not all parents are great parents, and most children are devil incarnates — the relationship between parents and their children can be… When people don’t have siblings, their earliest friendships are often with their parents.People are very particular with how much time they want to spend with the person they are seeing.The problem is that this particularity varies from day to day and often, even hour to hour.The way we’re raised, by whom we’re raised and with whom we’re raised makes all the difference. Personally, I have sisters, but I have dated several only-child women, and I have to say… They have a distinct combination of a need for independence and dependence that I haven’t encountered anywhere else.But it isn’t just only child women — it’s men just the same.Only children can be difficult people to date, but at the same time, the relationship can prove to be incredibly rewarding.

Our childhoods influence our adult selves immensely.We can entertain ourselves- With a little help from our imagination and self-soothing we got on fine playing on our own when we were young and have found hobbies later in life that we can do without others. We will adopt your siblings as our own- Although we don't mind being an only child- your siblings are the closest thing we will ever get to having a brother or sister - so we treasure their company and friendship.We may have trouble with sharing- Bear with us- we are not selfish- but we were never expected to share as much as you were- so if we don't offer you food of our plate or a sip of our drink- we are not being self-centred- it's just what we're used to.We like our space- If we venture off upstairs or ask for a night alone- we are not mad at you- we just need some 'me time'.

We like our own space We are not overly tactile people- We are not the type to drape ourselves over you for too long- nor do we like to be pinned down on the couch in a sideways hug. all has its cut off point so don't expect to spoon all night long in bed.

We will learn over time with you how to think outside the box a bit more.