Dating someone with children brats

He would bring them over with him and come to visit me...I found his daughter has stolen some jewlery from me.Keep your household's safety and sanity as your first priority! If you and your boyfriend cannot fix the problem, then walk away...Calling his children brats is wrong, they just need some help from the both of you... For a family is only a family if everyone loves each other... Every other weekend, his children come to our house from friday night until sunday.Anyway, his "roommate" had two of his kids this weekend and being young boys they weren't much for paying attention to rules.Both my friend and the father set the kids straight on the rules several times.Undoing all the good you're doing with your children.

He can rent a basement/room from a friend or relative, or use a commercial-rental for their time together.Welp..are you waiting for...your boyfriend how you feel, if he doesn't get a grip on it REAL FAST..leave. If he doesn't change it after you have talked to him about it..isn't going to get any better and you are going to start resenting him right along with the kids. I am not only a contributing member to the household bills... My boyfriend pays for the groceries his kids eat when they're there.I personally think you have already made it perfectly clear that you are not up for that challenge. But that is just me.locking your door is a good start, but you also have to realise, it has to be hard on your manto only get to see his kids every other weekend. Tell him that he needs to spend time alone with his kids, and tell him to get a hotel room for the weekends that he has them... Most bratty kids just need to know their limits, once you establish the rules, they will probablydo as your children do... We have to move out of our place by April 1st, and I hate to tell him I don't want to live with him anymore, because I do want to, but I just can't take those brats any more! He's helping out a friend of his going through divorce by letting him stay with him.I've been hiding in my bedroom for each of these weekends. Most especially, a man that doesn't live with his kids.

His kids DO NOT listen, they break things, steal my jewelry and other items, backtalk me constantly (while my man sits there and does nothing). I just spent 2.5 years living this same way, and there is NO winning. Not only did I live in the bedroom, which they also found fault with, but I'd take my two with me and spend the "visiting time", which was pretty open ended, elsewhere. And see, Dad laid down the law just once, but just couldn't bring himself to enforce it. What was especially shameful was the fact that his kids were pretty much grown, ages 16 and up. They did the things they did because they were cold hearted lil selfish creatures that knew better and chose to just not give a damn. I can't count how many times I heard "that's just how she is!

His kids DO NOT listen, they break things, steal my jewelry and other items, backtalk me constantly (while my man sits there and does nothing).

Dating someone with children brats comments

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