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’, and that her dream assignment would be to be on the panel of Question Time). As well as her role as an anchor and regular news presenter she is also working on a series of Special Report – hour-long profiles of major sporting figures (so far she has profiled footballers Thierry Henry and Cristiano Ronaldo and sprinter Usain Bolt ) – and is a permanent panellist on Freddie Flintoff’s team in the Sky comedy sports show A League of Their Own, hosted by James Corden, which returns to our screens this month.‘It was my first move away from sports news and I was nervous finding myself working with these amazing people – Jimmy Carr, John Bishop, Jamie Redknapp, Freddie and James – but it’s just brilliant fun.I think the show works because really it’s just cameras filming a bunch of friends having a good chinwag about sport and poking fun at each other.They do meet occasionally, mainly because they each have a quarter share – with Ant and Georgie’s mum Gilly – in a racehorse called Primeval (which she says is ‘marvellous at going backwards and we hope may soon learn to run forwards’ – and which has subsequently won its first race at Kempton).Georgie’s and Dec’s families are friendly and her parents have a ‘great deal of time for Dec and vice versa’, and in the racing environment in which they still mix all is, again, very ‘grown up’.By no means a name-dropper – she is reluctant to talk about her famous friends, who range from Piers Morgan to Sir David Frost – Georgie has nonetheless become something of a celebrity, not just in her own right, but by association.There are two elephants in the room today, and both have made Georgie – to her evident distress – front-page news.

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‘It was a massive error of judgment on my part, for which I absolutely hold my hands up.Everyone has their own idea of how they want to live out their life and I want mine to be full of fun and laughter,’ she says with a brave smile.When I say that I sense that maybe there is unfinished business and that perhaps there might be an eventual reconciliation, she laughs and says that it would be ‘remiss of me to say that anything in the future could happen on either side’.Georgie has handled their break-up with admirable restraint amid press reports that she was ‘dumped’ by Dec ‘out of the blue’ because ‘he wasn’t ready for marriage and babies’.

‘My focus right now isn’t on a new relationship,’ says Georgie.

I have got through it with the help of my brilliant group of friends and family and through work – how lucky am I to love my job?

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