Dnsomatic not updating dyndns

This article will very quickly go through the process of setting DNS-O-Matic on your DD-WRT powered router.

Well, if the dnsomatic instructions say "all.dnsomatic.com", then their instructions are just plain wrong and no amount of following them will solve that.This client works with all of our services as well as services provided by some of our competitors. inadyn supports detecting the public IP address via our Check IP service.inadyn officially runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Open BSD.Affected Hardware: ii Net TG-1 Modem Software Version : 15.4 Firmware Version: -V1-7-1-CRF557 Hardware Version: VANT-5 Issue – Dynamic DNS support (Wan Services Dyn DNS) – not working for DNSOMATIC.

COM Description – The ii Net TG-1 requires a domain to be configured on the router GUI (for Dyn DNS to be configured), however – dnsomatic do not require a domain to be passed with the update.

The location of the config file can be given to inadyn via the update_period_sec 600 # Check for a new IP every 600 seconds # Enter your Dyn username and password here username your-login # your Dyn username password your-password # your Dyn password # What kind of host is being updated?