Does consolidating your credit cards ruin your credit

Some may take it as a positive thing showing that you are taking responsibility for your financial situation. This notation is removed once you finish or terminate the debt consolidation program.Debt consolidation is a good idea especially since a good agency may be able to get your interest rates reduced, waive or reduce late fees, financial charges, etc.This is because by the time you start settling your dues, you may have had a no. Once you settle the dues after consolidation, your report should reflect "Satisfied" or "Settled" instead of unpaid.Secondly negotiate your account status with the creditors and go for a pay for delete agreement with them.

However, it would have been much better if you could have given details of your present credit condition.

If you had went delinquent on any of your accounts, or if you have collections on your credit report you can try removing these through "Pay for delete" or Goodwill letter and disputes.