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From low flow efficient water fixtures, to 12 Alternative Fuel Vehicle electric charging stations, Rogers Place will fully embrace Green operations, with a focus on sustainability and energy reduction.“With a building like [Rogers Place], it just makes sense!

“It’s our plan to have the same responsibility as we go into operation as well,” Mc Faul said, adding that Rogers Place strives to maintain high-performance operations even after the building opens.Join our live chat […]The Television Critics’ Association Tour is winding down.Now that the critics have heard from the networks, what do they think will be the best bets for the new season?This location not only improves density, encourages walkability and reduces infrastructure needs, but it also optimizes the use of the city’s public transit system.

“One of the great things about bringing Rogers Place into the downtown core was that, by doing so, the city is better positioned to really leverage its multi-billion-dollar investment in light rail transit (LRT),” added Black.

Once Rogers Place construction is complete, there will be seven LRT stops within a 10-minute walking distance to the front doors of the arena, as well as easy access to bus services.