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Rwgmixer is saved to the games save dir: This ensures the same terrain generation and biome generation and prefab regardless of edits to the main file.All new locations spawn except for the football stadium, canyon gift shop and canyon cliff dwellings.NPCs include Trader Joel, Trader Rekt, Trader Bob, Trader Hugh and Trader Jimmy.The settlements are 100% land protected, players cannot build near them and players will be teleported out when the traders are closed so they cannot be exploited as a night time safe haven.

When they close they lock their gate and turn off their open sign.

SI Exploit for Rock Prefab Zombies dont seem to be attacking animals Dupe method destroying container Duping with 2 people using containers Key Not Found Exception for sleeper volumes Problem that particle for paint brush was never removed and slowed down the game Fatbelly (sleeper spawn trigger) should not go vertical Sleeper volumes are not being restored properly Gamestage calculates offline days as survived dayswaste_rubble_bldg_07 sleeper spawning after POI is cleared OSX: Camera view jumping after interacting with containers Sleepers that die while laying down shouldnt stand up Bear animation is jittery when the bear turns Snakes are fire proof Block 614 sucks player into it Wire Tool wire disappears when switching tools after first time use Zombies cannot climb or break New 3D Ladders from the back side Argument Exception when trying to continue a game Savegame Crash: End Of Stream Exception: Failed to read past end of stream.