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Receipts can be given for any donation of money or materials.The mission of the GIC is to provide support for all gender identities and expressions through direct services and social change utilizing empowerment, identity affirmation, outreach, education, advocacy, creating safe spaces, and a sense of community.Inmates can use the wireless handheld devices when they are not involved in other prison programming, such as GED classes or doing jobs including milking cows in the prison dairy.Colorado Department of Corrections inmate Andrew Stiern takes a look out of his cell window laying on his bunk using a GTL Inspire Tablet at the Four Mile Correctional Center May 3, 2017 in Canon City. I’m kind of the tablet rep guy,” Stiern said while standing in his cell in the west wing of C-Pod, a unit where he and fellow inmates train companion dogs.“When you are in prison, you are cut off from the outside world.You want your mind to be focused on positive things. These tabs have become a new piece of life in here.” Colorado is the first state to roll out the Inspire program across all its prisons.

Video visits are easy, secure, and part of your coordinated care. Video visits are available with a Kaiser Permanente emergency medicine physician who is connected to your personal doctor and can access your medical history.

The FAC collections include 4,000 cultural artifacts.