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In her analysis of sexuality and freedoms, she continues: “A fundamental premise of patriarchal power and impunity is the denial and suppression of women’s naming and controlling their bodies for their own joy and nurturing.In all patriarchal societies, women and girls are taught, consistently and often violently, that their bodies are dirty, nasty, smelly, disgusting, corrupting, imperfect, ugly and volatile harbingers of disease and immorality.Had this been the case, all the daring voices that emerged would continuously chime how they have been “betrayed” by the sexual violence experienced by countless female bodies in addition to how they were “betrayed” by a female body experiencing pleasure.Repressing “agentic” expression of sexuality Most times I hear Ethiopian men lament that Ethiopian women are sexually frigid and become less reserved when with partners of other nationalities.– Because you cannot expect someone to know what you do and do not like without sharing and it can make a big difference in having a safe and fulfilling relationship – As a culture girls are not given the chance to express their feelings or even freely express what they need.Therefore it is very important to have open discussions to minimize the abuse that women face as the culture has impacted the women not to express their feeling and shy away.

Mcfadden’s piece highlights a glaring truth of the intersection between sexuality, power, women and the fear that surrounds such an intersection, carefully policed by “culture” guards of both the male and female gender.In scanning various news and social media platforms related to the Big Brother controversy, a majority of the comments give testimony to our intolerant, hasty and emotive temperament as a collective.Comments in opposition to her assumed deeds carried tones of racism – “othering” and “animalizing” the male involved in the said act because he is “not of us”.Female Sexuality in Ethiopia About a year ago I sent out a short survey to female friends and asked them to forward it to other female friends in support of my research interests.

At that point in time I was attempting to write my MA thesis on Gender and Sexuality.

Also since childhood girls are allowed to express any emotion nor was it acknowledged!

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