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”There’s a virus infecting the industry,” fumed ‘s Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt renewed their contracts for $1 million per episode (that’s a $750,000 raise for both).In light of all this, the Friends must regard their raises as chump change.In 1996, six young upstarts on a hit sitcom demanded a hefty raise — $100,000 per episode, more than double their salary.The actors weren’t stupid: Their network was raking in big ad bucks, and the studio was guaranteed hundreds of millions in reruns.When one star gets a huge deal, it impacts every other piece of business in town.” In NBC’s case, the impact is enormous.Thanks to Hunt and Reiser’s windfall, license fees (what the net pays Columbia Tri Star for each .

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It’s also a known quantity, which, in an erratic programming universe, appeals to advertisers.“To me, it’s interesting when I see my kids are growing and leaving the house.It’s like, ‘Oh.’ It’s like that moment when you get married.NBC is too successful to merit pity, but at least the Peacock’s competitors can relate.