Highly intelligent men dating problems

As your brain is wired to look for all possible solutions and answers to a problem, it may take you more time than a person of average intelligence to give your opinion or draw a conclusion.Moreover, if you are not completely sure you’ve got the right answer or a brilliant idea, you won’t speak at all.If you are a highly intelligent person, these struggles and the lack of understanding from peers can leave you feeling lonely.Maybe your friends and family don’t seem to be mindful of your feelings.She didn't act like the other women had where they would pull on my pant-leg and beg me not to leave. She will pick up on it and say; "What did I just say?Having been trained by my not-so-smart mother, I would repeat the last sentence she'd said, just as mom taught me to get away with it. But the real advantage is the gamut of things to discus.

wrote, "Marry your best friend." If you hookup with intelligent women, every item in the world is open to discuss.If you are feeling uncomfortable during small talk, refrain from speaking if not sure, don’t get inspired by old and exhausted ideas, or if you feel more comfortable with ideas than execution, people tend to characterize you as socially awkward.Little do they know, this only puts more pressure on you making you feel more self-conscious about your social conduct. Since you are much more cautious, analytical and independent than the rest, you tend to get mistaken for cold and high maintenance. After the snuggle bunny party, there is that time to wonder who is on the inside. When problems pop up, as they inevitably do, a smart woman will be able to see alternatives and work out issues.(Full disclosure) First I married a not-so-smart girl, Sex, who has been the biggest mistake of my life, bar none. "I don't really want to leave." So I slid down the door jam and sat on the floor regaining myself. We both see that as a defining moment in our relationship.

When the blond jokes start popping up in your head, it is time to start wondering what you are doing. They can talk about anything, Are filled with wonder, are interested in most everything. Stunned, I was able to access my feelings instead of just running the ego-script.

Your struggle lies in the fact that most people around you are not familiar with the way your thought process works, and they get confused or regard you as weird, introverted, or uninterested.