Highly intelligent men dating problems

Unfortunately, people tend to mistake this trait as laziness which leaves you feeling underappreciated.As if those aren’t enough, your next struggle comes as a result of all the previous ones.Most people regard highly intelligent people as super humans who have it all figured out simply because their brains can help them in any life situation and they don’t have to struggle with the problems of the ordinary people.They struggle with issues somewhat different than those of the rest of the world, but still challenging and difficult.As your brain is wired to look for all possible solutions and answers to a problem, it may take you more time than a person of average intelligence to give your opinion or draw a conclusion.Moreover, if you are not completely sure you’ve got the right answer or a brilliant idea, you won’t speak at all.

Then I married a smart girl, Mensa level, Summa cum laude. When we were dating and got into some serious issue like, the color of the universe, The argument got to where I didn't need that crap, so said I was leaving. This gal said: Look, I love you and don't want want you to leave, but if that's what you think you need to do, good-by. Another example is when she is talking and I am drifting off into my own movie.

After the snuggle bunny party, there is that time to wonder who is on the inside. When problems pop up, as they inevitably do, a smart woman will be able to see alternatives and work out issues.(Full disclosure) First I married a not-so-smart girl, Sex, who has been the biggest mistake of my life, bar none. "I don't really want to leave." So I slid down the door jam and sat on the floor regaining myself. We both see that as a defining moment in our relationship.