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Have a thing for the guy who sits next to the printer? According to a survey, 56 percent of American business professionals say they've had some kind of romantic relationship with a coworker—whether that's a random hookup at the office holiday party or a long-term partnership that ultimately led to marriage.While an office romance might sound like a recipe for disaster (and in some cases against corporate policy), there are ways to make sure the situation doesn't end in heartbreak or employment termination.1. Likewise, avoid starting a relationship with someone who works for you." It's best to stick to your personal accounts for any, ahem, personal messages you may be sending to the person you're dating. Talk to your partner about what will happen if the relationship ends.Have a frank discussion about how you two will act toward each other if you decide to call it quits, so that awkwardness and emotions don't interfere with your ability to get the job done.8. Yes, you have that in common with each other, but if you really want to get to know your coworker, see if you can connect on other topics.9.Surveys provide convincing evidence: To be clear, an office romance is a relationship between two individuals employed by the same company that advances beyond the socially acceptable employer-employee association and the work-related duties that require their interaction.The relationship can be of a sexual nature where employees engage in sexual activities in and outside work, or where one employee makes sexually suggestive remarks about the other.

Cohesive relationships among employees, including some that become romantic, can help build esprit de corps within the work team and affinity for the company.Before you get seriously involved with someone, check with your human resources department and make sure you aren't breaking any rules. Besides the fact that it's completely unprofessional, it can make your coworkers feel uncomfortable.If the company absolutely does not allow co-workers to date, you could be terminated if they found out. Wait until after work, when you two can hightail it to either person's apartment or out for an intimate dinner.5. If dating at work is allowed, there's no need to send an office-wide memo with a photo of you two in a lip-lock.“Additionally, if the relationship ends, one of the employees may claim the relationship was not consensual, that the employee was sexually harassed, or that that employee was retaliated against if that employee receives a poor performance review from the former paramour,” says Zoller.

Many experts say it’s important for companies to have policies in place that address junior-senior relationships.

While many organizations take a more relaxed stance toward co-workers dating these days, it can cause trouble when you cross into the realm of manager-subordinate romantic relationships.

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