Is chemistry a good dating site

A gay California woman filed a lawsuit last month accusing e Harmony of discrimination. Neil Clark Warren, is an evangelical Christian, and his background includes close ties to the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family. I recently was watching NBC during a sporting event on a Saturday afternoon and saw the ad for

(And a gay couple can always move to Massachusetts if marriage is a must.) As for, if K. According to , e Harmony rejects 16 percent of applicants because they're "poor marriage prospects." The pitch to these folks isn't that e Harmony has ruled them out categorically, as it has with gays. This strategy might woo people who have actually attempted to sign up for e Harmony and been rejected. In my defense, three years is a lifetime when it comes to brand image.

brought a world of dating possibilities to its subscribers, but last year, in an attempt to reach a slightly older group more interested in forming lasting relationships, the parent company launched