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As a child, she learned how to prepare delicious Austrian dishes such as Knödel and Sachertorte from her mother.In her free time, Eva likes to travel the world experiencing foreign cultures and cheer on the Berlin basketball teams with her friends; she’s even been known to throw a few baskets herself every now and then!Karin loves to travel and likes all kinds of food, from hearty home cooking (like Königsberger Klopse meatballs) to sweet treats (like apple pancakes or Donauwelle, a type of cake) and international food – she’s up for anything, loves to go out to eat and experiments on her own stove. Her parents’ pizzeria meant our product manager has been wrapped up with food and gastronomy since she was born.Hailing from Holzminder, Daniela used to be a hotel manager at a well-known location in Hamburg.Niclas loves to travel the world: from Italy and the coast of the Baltic Sea, all the way to South Africa and even Asia.

Vanessa was born and raised in Hanover, but has lived in her adopted hometown of Berlin for nearly ten years now.Always up for something new, Astrid loves to try newfangled things outside of eat-the-world as well, such as wine tours in the Rheingau wine region, gin gatherings in Hamburg, and wine & cheese tastings in Berlin, not to mention sampling new restaurants and food halls.And although she enjoys evenings spent lounging on the sofa and leafing through gourmet publications such as essen&trinken, BEEF!In February 2014 she joined our team as a product manager, taking control of Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Wiesbaden.

Because of her extensive experience in tourism, she also takes care of the business to business area.

During her studies in tourism and event management, she gained experience in cultural marketing and project and event management. She moved from her Bavarian homeland and beyond the edge of the Alps to see the whole wide world; she arrived in Berlin after first spending time in Konstanz, Lisbon, and Cologne.