Narcissistic personality disorder and dating

Some of these narcissists are honest about their dealings with others.

She would get mad at me if I didn't call her each morning on my way to work and on the way home (we didn't live together), yet she would also get upset because she said it felt like pressure for me to call her.Narcissistic entitlement is not the same as self-worth; for example, that is, the belief that one is worthy of accomplishments earned through hard work.Instead, the narcissist is like a toddler who never learned he is not the center of the world and becomes enraged when others don't meet his immediate demands.Mona says: He pursued me, a client, to fulfill his need for love and adoration (I was a willing participant, yet I was so fragile at the time).

He needed someone to split the rent of his office, so he went into business with a long term client who needed office space.

They surround themselves with others who will give them positive reinforcement for their sparkling wit, wonderful personality, and so on and so on.