Narcissistic personality disorder and dating

While it may leave us outraged, hurt, and feeling betrayed, it can be an eye-opening incident that we really need to acknowledge the limitations of individuals with NPD.As painful as it can be, though, we no longer feel as confused by the push-pull (or in some cases, just the push).A narcissist says: I have always believed I was destined to do or be something great.Known, loved, or admired by all--not that I took any steps to ensure that I actually did anything worth mentioning.

My best friend in high school was another guy who, like me, knew we were better than everyone else. I surrounded myself with woman I knew were attracted to me, even if I wasn't attracted to them, to show how desirable I was.He places no value on open, fair and honest exchanges.He's too concerned with satiating his own hunger for whatever it is that he needs, be it physical, emotional, financial, whatever.My kindness should be praised, my My ex-girlfriend constantly needed to be acknowledged, adored, and admired.