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The Juvenile Court is committed to rehabilitating and reintegrating young offenders back into society in order to preserve and safeguard their future. The Probation and Community Service Unit, under the Department of Community Development, Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports, assists the Juvenile Court in deciding the appropriateness of youth and adult offenders for probation; supervising probationers; arranging and managing community service; and developing and conducting rehabilitative programmes. Under the provisions of Children and Young Persons Act, Chapter 219, the Action Team on Child Protection was established to oversee cases of child abuse which include corporal punishment.

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It involves a process of education, learned through ‘experiential learning’ and ‘learning by doing’.

Among the new sexual offences introduced by the amendments are commercial sex, child pornography, prostitution, engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a person under the age of 16, sexual grooming, voyeurism, offences that peruses technology as a medium as well as offences related to the outraging of one's modesty.