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“Oh, sweetie,” Lily tells her daughter during their heartfelt conversation, which takes place in front of a glass-doored refrigerator packed with colorful produce, “I could never think of you as a bad person. More Real Than a “Schmutz Happens” Apron on Passover: • Chuck tells Serena that he ran into Poppy at Rose Bar. That explains everything, from the absurd lack of hooking up to her ridiculous eye makeup. • Eleanor Waldorf: “I don’t even know how to say half the words in this prayer book named after Joe Lieberman’s wife.” Awesome.

Opening up about his previous rejection, John told his wife: 'I don't want to bag Deb but it was hard.'He continued: 'I couldn't do anything right and I think she delighted in me not doing anything right.• Obviously, Serena would think she was married if someone put a popsicle ring on her finger and had sex with her on a bed with white sheets.But Cyrus would clearly know better: Getting married abroad is difficult.There has been drama aplenty in Married At First Sight this week and it showed no signs of slowing down on Tuesday's episode.

Sean and Blair became the latest strangers to walk down the aisle, with their equally high libidos being the main reason the experts had matched the pair.

• Eleanor tells Blair: “Waldorf women are not socialites! You’re married to landed gentry, and I’m a cater waiter.” Wait, what’s insulting again? Or that he has to serve food to their entire family? You could have thrown in a few boys from the lacrosse team and it would have been the Constance mother-daughter luncheon all over again.” Wait, is there video on a memory stick somewhere of that? • Alan Levy, the big-time art collector at Cyrus’s seder, “has a Monet in his bathroom.” Plus 2. • Blair wouldn’t be trying so hard to get on the junior committee for the Whitney gala.

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