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[download&install] [usage] [benchmarks] c Element Tree is included with Python 2.5 and later, as xml.etree.c Element Tree.For earlier versions, c Element Tree 1.0.5 can be downloaded from the downloads site.

Several other toolkits were tested, but failed to parse the test file (which uses both non-ASCII characters and namespaces).Note 3) Tests on other platforms indicate that libxml2 is closer to c Element Tree than this benchmark indicates.This is most likely a compiler-related issue (I’m using “official” Windows binaries for this benchmark, but so will most other users).Strategic use of forced garbage collection (gc.collect()) will usually make things better. Note 2) Even with namespace handling enabled, Py RXPU returns namespace prefixes instead of namespace URI:s, which makes it pretty much useless for namespace-aware XML processing.

I’ve included it anyway, since it’s often put forth as the fastest XML parser you can get for Python.

Note that some distributors have included c Element Tree in their Element Tree package.

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