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But once the courier's lesbian lover becomes a bargaining chip, how much longer can the poor girl hold out?

Tara was tall, a real model type at almost one point eight meters, and weighing only fifty-five kilos, her body was svelte, curvaceous and virtually flawless.The three glasses of Johnnie Walker also helped her to ease her worries, but as time got closer, the unrest in her soul became less and less bearable.This was not her first flight -- she had made an earlier roundtrip to Brazil just a month ago -- but this second one proved to be worse than the first.She really hated the strict look on customs officers' faces when they watched the crowd passing through the green channel.

It was not for her of course: she needed to declare the expensive gold necklace and the brand new laptop that were her "gifts", mementos of a passionate date.

I plan to travel and work on my way...anybody has suggestions? Only Muslims or people sincere about learning about Islam please.