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So firstly, he or she will be asked about the impressions of our country (cuisine, customs, weather, etc) to make sure the person is doing fine and is enjoying his/her stay.If the foreigner shows appreciation, especially for our cuisine and wines, any Spaniard will be extremely pleased.This personal space decreases as the relationship gets closer.Whatever the emotion they are showing, Spanish people tend to speak louder and gesticulate a lot more than Canadians, especially with their hands. They are more expressive and emotional, so they like acting while speaking.Spanish people feel uncomfortable talking about it or giving information about their economic situations.

Whereas the primary topic of conversation in an introduction between two Canadians is "What do you do for a living", it is often the last topic that would be brought up during an introduction with a Spanish person.Therefore, it is highly recommended to get information about those subjects in advance, although it is better to avoid getting into a discussion about politics or nationalistic topics.Every region is different and within the same regions there is a wide range of opinions and positions.In Spain there is a mixture of a lack of self-confidence as a well-managed first world country, and a pride of our culture and style of life.

Spaniards might tend to be distant until they feel comfortable with the visitor.

Whether there is touching while speaking really depends on the relationship with the other person.

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