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He showed me his opening speech to the girls, which went along the lines of ..."How'shegoin?I'm Michael, I've a nice farum, plenty land, liveshtock, and I don't drink or shmoke" ... Thanks Susipoo I went speed dating with the crowd Getout in Feb, and had a fab time.Good Luck, I'd love to speed date or something like that but unfortunately European women don't seem the least appealed by me :-(. Besides I don't necessarily want to date, just make new friends... What has speed dating got to do with eastern european women? Loads of good looking women but the men were either smelly, ugly or completely lacking in social skills.

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Hi Everyone, I've searched all over boards and couldn't find any up to date threads - so sincerest apologies if I've missed something obvious Was thinking about going speed dating and have been looking around at some of the events listed online. Well organised, and was a fun night too - got a few matches, but one of the matches, no chemistry, and the other, chemistry was there, but our personalities were too different. Although they cancelled the event twice before it actually happened and always the night before It was a good laugh, have a few glassess of wine and chat away.

there's a chatfest site but it never seems to update!