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Now Tom and Heidi are inseparable – they were seen smooching backstage at was that we really like John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as people, as well as a couple. We were NOT disappointed – the film is very relatable – you actually CARE about the characters and their dilemma.It takes place in the near future and the movie starts with long minutes of total SILENCE which is a first, and shock to the audience.He also has a full-size Roman chariot along with a large custom motorcycle collection and loads of collectible guitars.In case you forgot, he’s a musician and has had several bands in Australia.Selena walked out of her Pilates class today looking like she’s almost given up.And she’s carrying a big fat BIBLE (specifically The Everyday Life Bible) Something is very wrong.

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Usually, authors of children’s books have kids themselves, but Julian has no offspring and has never married.According to The Holllywood Reporter, Diana believes that Hollywood is STILL homophobic.When they were casting Brokeback a number of “prominent young actors” liked the script but backed out of taking a gay role.The auction expects to pull in millions of dollars – some of which will go to kids’ charities in Australia.

Above Russell appeared last fall in London with his latest band , Diana Ossana, discussed the movie at a gay film festival in LA.

John and Emily’s film family has love and endurance and adaptability and they never give up against huge odds.

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    Wasn't she dating akon's brother for a really. So I have a theory Tracee Ellis Ross is a lesbian and won't come out till Diana Ross dies. Ride ft Ludacris…