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One chat minute with a man costs 11 cents, and with the camera twice as much – 22 cents.It is interesting that the agency takes half of the earnings from the account (! That is, the girl will receive 15 hryvnias for one incoming letter instead of 30 hryvnias, and if a translator works for her – even less, only 10%.And the websites pay agencies for searching models and translators encouraging the men to pay the sites for the opportunity to correspond with them. However the men do not even suspect that such communication is not a romantic adventure for the women, but a way to make money, and that they are the main link in this circle.What is a woman’s role and fate in I decided to check by my own experience.The first thing you need to do before starting your work is to compose a mail, where to write briefly about yourself and try to interest the man with something.Critically: it is important to address him by name – so you immediately come into personal touch with him.“Our men are mainly from America, and they get up at our noon. Julia put a wayward brown hank behind her ear and stately look through the papers on her table in the agency.Though the agency is a too prominent name for a three-room flat clumsily turned into an office in a residential building not far from the underground station of People’s Friendship, which entrance stinks to heaven with rubbish and waste.

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It’s not allowed also to give your personal contacts and communicate with a man outside the site. A girl receives $ 1.5 for each incoming letter from a man, except the first one. I propose to make profit of that charting in English with foreigners on international dating sites. We’d such cases,” with this inspiring phrase Julia, the administrator of the agency, finishes my interview. First, they scanned my passport – they said, the site needed a proof that I was not married in order to register me, although I was a little alerted. You’ll earn a lot of money, and then, with great luck, will go to live in America.Everything as in a traditional underground office, I think involuntarily, trying to puzzle out how this system works.

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On the next day the administrator Julia sent me a letter with the username and password to log onto the site, the program for automated sending the letters and the 22-minutes video lesson, which shows how to use the site.