Updating dreamweaver templates

You do it with Dreamweaver, which then alters all files stored on your pc using the template. Plesk, or any other control panel, has nothing what so ever to do with a dreamweaver template, only Dreamweaver uses it.I have a Dreamweaver template located in a folder called "Templates" - the default and seemingly unchangeable folder Dreamweaver saves files in. When I make a new page from this template, my new page can't find images because the template sees them in this directory: "../resources/images" and the page sees them in this one: "resources/images". I wanted to know if there is a way to have one main page with the template filling the surrounding the page, and then have the inner page be dynamic.

Is there anyway to do this, like type co-ordinates or something in code ? Can you explain a bit about what you mean by updating via Plesk?You don't update a Dreamweaver template with plesk.There is still content on EPA's legacy servers and this content will be maintained there until it is transformed and moved into the Drupal Web CMS.

This information on styles and look and feel only applies to the existing content using Template 4 or older versions of EPA's template. In general, if the documentation doesn't say anything about a specific section in the code, don't edit it.

I just need to know how to keep the design of the home page when I click the link of the new web page; just with different content. Is there a way of making an area of content (such as a set of links in a menu bar) updatable so that if it is updated it will change across all the specified pages on the site?

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