Updating files on iphone

Can someone please tell me why this is happening and how I can fix it?

okay, I don't know about the rest, but about the songs never actually loading onto your i Pod, I found in another discussion how to fix that.Fix: If the addresses are different (look carefully for typos), then you have multiple accounts and your devices will not sync.Follow these steps to link a computer and other devices to your Dropbox. If your files have not synced after restarting, move on to step 6.Fix: You can use Selective Sync to select only certain files to sync to your computer, but still have them on and on other computers.

Fix: You may be able to help Dropbox sync faster by adjusting your bandwidth settings.

Also, in some instances when I try to change the artwork of all the songs on an album, it grays out the songs I tried to change, puts an exclamation mark by them, and applies those changes to other songs on my i Pod!

Updating files on iphone comments

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