Updating slideshow links

I want to save the Excel file as v2 (having made any necessary changes) and then want to ensure that Power Point links to new v2 Excel file before making any changes within Powerpoint and then saving the updated Power Point file as updated version.So first question is how do I ensure that Power Point updates all links to v2 Excel file, without changing each linked table/chart individually?I am meticulous with version control on both Excel and Power Point files.However I have found that Power Point does not update the link to new Excel file, even if Power Point is open whilst I am saving the new Excel file from say v1 to v2. I have Power Point v1 file and Excel v1 files open, with Power Point linking to v1 Excel file.

This works fine initially - if I change the Excel it either refreshes the Power Point automatically or as soon as I click update link."data [email protected]", "data [email protected]", ..., "data [email protected]" etc.This way, you still have your versioning control, but the Powerpoint file never needs to have its links updated because it will always use a single designated file.THE PROBLEM IS...because the excel sheet is open, when the Power Point attempts to grab information from the excel sheet it pops up a message telling me that the Excel sheet is open (by someone on my team entering progress results), and that I have to click "Read-Only" or "Notify" or "Cancel".

If I click "Read-Only", the data does update properly.

Hi I am having issues with updating links in Power Ppoint to Excel tables/charts. When setting up the link I am using Paste Special - Paste link - Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object.