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If its not you may open eq2 by pressing the "open eq" button which is located below the "update" button.While Most all of these functions can now be performed much easier by the updater through the options menu, some have been left for anyone who still wants to use them.Once the program is open it should start scanning files to check for updates and then download any updates that are available.Once it is finished updating if there were no errors it will have update complete written and it should open everquest in 5 seconds if "Auto Launch EQ2" is checked.-Rebuild the way the program saves it settings, should no longer need access to program folder. -Wont let the custom directory be se to default, fonts, sounds, or images -added a way to stop downloading -probably some other stuff i cant remember -made the file scanning progress show up in the progress bar - Updater should add a shortcut in its startmenu folder for more easily switching between the regular and test server.This required a major rewrite of the Options window, there could be some buggs. If you previously set your eq directory to the test folder directory change it to the main eq2 directory and then use this shortcut.

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Re-Download ALL Files: When this button is pushed the updater will redownload ALL of the files and will NOT ask for confirmation about overwriting any.To change this file click the Browse Button to the right of the path/filename.Launch File 2: If checked, the updater will also launch this file when it autolaunches or when the open eq button is clicked.Net Framework 2.0 can be downloaded either from this direct download link or if you prefer you can get it from windows update.

When you try and run the program and you get "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135).

/testserver: this makes the updater update and auto launch from the test server by setting the language to Test Server and then autolaunching the correct eq2 test server file.

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