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Find the XML file and click Validate XML Against Schema.The ACA schema validator will find errors with a line number and position. A typical error would look like the following: ERROR in Line: 10, Position: 32 "The 'Employer EIN' element is invalid - The value ' 123456789' is invalid according to its datatype 'EINType' - The Pattern constraint failed." For this example, the error is in line 10, position 32. Double click on the XML file and it should open in notepad.As a result, the XSD/e-generated code is 2-10 times faster than general-purpose XML Schema validators while maintaining the lowest static and dynamic memory footprints.For example, a validating parser executable can be as small as 120KB in size and process a 10MB/s XML stream.

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And then you will need to use qualified names (i.e with a prefix) to refer to a type from the imported schema. Add(null, schema File); Any imports/includes will be done automatically.Our 1095 XML schema validator can pinpoint errors and provide a line number and position number.I am trying to validate XML data aginst its schemas.XSD/e is also highly-portable and can be configured to use the C feature set ranging from modern C to highly-restricted embedded C .

In particular, you can individually enable or disable the use of STL, RTTI, iostream, C exceptions, and custom memory allocators.

In notepad, go to Edit/Go To and type in Line 10 and hit Go To. You can then hit the right arrow 32 times to find the exact position where there is an error.

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