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Brennan could put herself in the professor’s shoes.She knows what it’s like to want to hide from the pain, ugliness, and uncertainty of the world behind cold reason and total focus on work.She wasn’t about to back down, because she knew she was right, and she knew Booth was being stubborn (and probably why). Wyatt in “Mayhem on a Cross”), he doesn’t have the genius mentality – the mentality that allows a person to lose themselves totally in their work/project, to the exclusion of the rest of the world, and even the basic necessities of life like food and water. Losing himself in his mind is not an option, because he’s a trained investigator and sniper – two careerfields that require the ability to pay great attention to a host of minute details in one’s surroundings and other people.I loved that she called Booth on him being too hard on the professor, and I loved it when the professor called Booth narrow-minded (an accusation more often applied by other characters to Brennan, because the average person has trouble relating to the way a genius mind works, and vice-versa). He’s also a protective personality (part and parcel to that White Knight Syndrome he has, as noted in “Parts in the Sum of the Whole”), who can’t fathom the concept of being so irresponsible with the lives of those he cares about as to not know when they’re in danger.She also knows (as she stated quite emphatically when she told Booth “If I lost Christine and you within a year of each other, the only way I would survive is to do my work.I’m not even positive that would be successful.” ) how crushing loss can be to people that desperate to hide from pain that they shut out the rest of the world in their work. He’s always either faced the pain and ugliness head-on (his years as a sniper, for example, as referenced in his conversation with Sweets in “Killer in the Crosshairs”), or he’s just ignored the things that caused him pain, as if they never happened (like he tried to do with his mother in “Party in the Pants”).” and Booth responded that she buries herself in her work was very telling about both of them.

Joe was the three years that ugly head in the portable blonde beauty named NL barely any actress who plays her has been war ... an eight only that this is Canadian very controversial ... she told me before she came she said I afraid that I will be heated ... Booth had to let go of his anger and his horror for the sake of the victim, in order to see the case clearly, while Brennan was able to focus on ferreting out other suspects, because she was able to discount the professor right away, given her understanding of his mental and emotional state. Not only the conversation between Booth and Brennan, where you realized he finally got it, and their understanding that forms the bedrock of their relationship, allowing them to argue, and still love each other enough to overcome arguments, but also her visit to the professor.Watching her tear up, and seeing the tenderness and pain on her face, for both the professor’s suffering, and also for the girl she never got to meet, was both heart-warming and heart-wrenching at the same time.And her ability to connect empathetically to the victim’s father even to the point that she could tell he was getting ready to take his own life, and that she talked him out of it, shows how truly capable she is of connecting to others (besides Booth and Christine) on an emotional level.

It takes someone with a great deal of empathy, compassion, and also awareness of others, to be able to notice when someone is contemplating suicide.

But I also knew she’d eventually calm down and see reason, because she is also a very reasonable scientist, whether she wants to admit it or not. Given his background, and the lessons he’s learned in life, he’s providing a balance for Cam that she really needs, and their final scene of the episode was very touching.

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