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Sarah King, curator of natural science at the Yorkshire Museum, said: “This is an incredible find and the research by Dean and Mike has helped us confirm it is the first example of fossilised ichthyosaur embryos to be found in Yorkshire.“Its display in Yorkshire’s Jurassic World incorporates the latest digital technology to reveal the embryos and to explain the significance of the discovery.This festival has been running for over two decades and was first founded when a group of Jo Hampshire’s friends, the main organiser of this event, all met in the Elsinore public house in Whitby.This pub, alongside the old-school Little Angel pub located on Flowergate, continues to be a meeting point during this popular goth weekend.The fact that the proposals for change come from the “heterodox” West is enough to rule them out for many Orthodox.Even today eastern rite Catholics like the Ukrainians follow the Julian Calendar without any detriment to their union with Rome.

This music festival is tailored to goths who travel far and wide to attend this festival, it’s origins dating back to 1994, but how exactly did this music festival begin and what will take place at this year’s spring event?Moreover, who says that a common date of Easter is necessary for Christian Unity at all?St Irenaeus, the great Greek bishop of Lyons, was already pleading in the second century for local churches to be left to follow their own traditions without breaking communion.It is believed that Whitby was chosen for its Dracula connections, alognside the connections that had already been made between goths and Whitby locals.

The festival used to be held just once a year until it became a twice-yearly event in 1997, taking place in April and October.

Justin Welby’s proposal has been, at least ostensibly, received favourably by the most influential church leaders.