Who is banky w dating

Adesua and Kunle Remi in Uduak Isong’s Falling However, sources close to the two claim a certain ‘busty’ actress came into the picture and everything went downhill from there.Of course, Banky W and Adesua had been friends during this period and it was not until late last year, that the relationship between Kunle and Adesua finally came to an end.Among Nigerian celebrities and fans, he is widely known as Banky W, Mr. At first they were friends then things became romantic. His father is from Badagry while his mother is from Cross River. He realized that this is the woman of his dreams in 2015 and began to collect information about Adesua in hopes of building a relationship with her.A war between the stars was confirmed via Twitter through these messages: Banky W message: “I’m not going to pretend that your absence in the team is nothing for us, definitely, you will be replaced by a better singer.” “I made you who you are today and that is a fact which you can never deny. ” Wizkid Reply: “I can never be replaced, you mistook my loyalty for stupidity so don’t get mad because I have decided to choose going my own way instead of being a part of your team.” Hope that the article has revealed different important details from Banky W’s biography.Follow our site to learn only fresh and interesting information.It was a relationship kept under the wraps and which only very close friends in the Industry knew about.

Well, the reason being that another handsome man was steal paddling her boat then. For some time, this fact was only true in the Nigerian hit film titled The Wedding Party.In addition to the movie, The Wedding Party, their love is also reflected in the song ‘Made for you’. Fans went crazy trying to understand whether he really had a love affair with his beautiful love interest He once shared a list of requirements for his future wife: As it later turned out, Adesua met all these requirements.