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They appeared in an advertisement for clothing brand American Eagle together which was holiday-love themed.In March of 2017, Madison finally turned 18 which ended the negativity about the age gap between them; their relationship was then "legal" technically as Madison was no longer a minor.Madison confirmed they were still together on June 15 in an interview.She discussed how they wanted to keep their relationship personal because it's nobody's business but their own.

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They favorited tweets about their relationship, indirectly tweeted each other, and posted blurry pictures together on Snapchat.He confirmed they were dating and said they wanted to keep it quiet.Johnson added in, "“It’s kind of a nuisance just seeing everybody hating on him, when it’s just these two kids who like each other. We can’t wait to find out more about this new project!

Jack Gilinksy is an American singer and part of the music duo Jack & Jack (with his long-time friend Jack Johnson).

However, they were sometimes seen out in public together and often hung out with other members the Magcon group.