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There are, however, situations in civil proceedings where the courts recognize that something more than the mere likelihood that an asserted fact is true is necessary before the court can rely on it.In such circumstances the part asserting the truth of a fact must convince the judge or jury as the case may be that it is highly probable that the fact in question is true.Can Jil and Jess find a way to come back together and endure the waves of this tsunami? It concluded that the challenger bore the burden of showing that the facts it relied upon had been established by clear and convincing evidence.35 USC 282 states: A patent shall be presumed valid.Each claim of a patent (whether in independent, dependent, or multiple dependent form) shall be presumed valid independently of the validity of other claims; dependent or multiple dependent claims shall be presumed valid even though dependent upon an invalid claim. The burden of establishing invalidity of a patent or any claim thereof shall rest on the party asserting such invalidity.

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Back at home, Jil’s partner Jessica copes with major life changes in the form of an unexpected death and an illness that forces the end of her career as a high school principal.Once there, she discovers that the death might not have been the fault of the killer whale who’s getting the blame.As the investigation heats up, she discovers a toxic work environment, corporate fraud, and a whole whack of motive for murder.Justice Breyer, with whom Justices Scalia and Alito agreed, while concurring in the decision in full, added the observation that Many claims of invalidity rest …